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Ravensbrück – SS-Aufseherin Ausweis Lina Naumann

This Ausweis belonged to SS-Aufseherin Lina Naumann who served in concentration camp Ravensbrück.
Lina Naumann served in Ravensbrück from August 14, 1944 until April 5, 1945.
During World War II, some 3,700 female guards, also known as the SS-Aufseherin served in concentration camps.
958 of these female guards served at concentration camp Ravensbrück.
The German government placed advertisements in the newspapers calling on healthy women to show their love for the “Reich”.
They offered good working conditions and a good salary.
Officially, their job was to assist the male guards to keep order in the concentration camps.
But it was common for them to beat, mistreat or even kill the prisoners.
This Ausweis was signed by SS-Sturmbahnführer Fritz Suhren who was camp commander in Ravensbrück concentration camp from September 1, 1942 until the end of the war.