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Buchenwald – Political prisoners arm insignia

This insignia was worn by a political prisoner in Buchenwald concentration camp and was carried on the arm of the jacket.
It is a printed type with a red triangle on it.


Concentration camp Buchenwald was located near Weimar (Germany) and was inaugurated on July 15, 1937.
Initially, the camp was designed for 8,000 prisoners and mainly criminals and political prisoners were deported here.

Not only Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and communists were imprisoned here, but also Soviet prisoners of war.
About 8,000 Soviet POWs were executed in the Buchenwald concentration camp between 1942 and 1943.
On April 11, 1945, the US Army’s Sixth Armored Division liberated the camp.

At that time, there were still about 21,000 inmates present.
During the war, there were 238,979 prisoners in concentration camp Buchenwald, 56,545 did not survive.