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Gross Rosen – Polish political prisoner Ludwig Kwiatek grouping

The grouping comes from the former Polish political prisoner Ludwig Kwiatek.
Ludwig ended up in the Gross-Rosen concentration camp during the war.
Originally a tailor, in the camp he sewed his own striped coat and placed pockets on it.
Prisoners number: 26354
The Gross-Rosen concentration camp was inaugurated on August 2, 1940 and during the war some 120,000 people were imprisoned here.
The prisoners mainly performed forced labor for the SS and there was, among other things, a quarry, a weaving mill, a department for the company Siemens and Blaupunkt.
It is estimated that around 40,000 inmates died at Gross-Rosen during the war and the camp was liberated on February 14, 1945 by the Red Army.