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Utrecht – Transport of Jews document by Walter Israel Goldschmidt

Walter Israel Goldschmidt was born on February 21, 1921 in Verden and he fled from Germany to the Netherlands.
In October 1939 he ended up in the Westerbork Refugee Camp in the Netherlands.

On November 3, 1941, Walter was arrested in the Jewish Kibboets Agricultural School in Franeker.
During the war, Walter Israel Goldschmidt helped Jewish deportees with their transport at Utrecht station.
He was eventually deported to Auschwitz concentration camp and murdered there.

The document dates from November 3, 1942 and Walter had this document with him at Utrecht station during his work.
It is signed by the chief of police in Utrecht, G.J. Kerlen.
Various authorities indicate that Walter Israel Goldschmidt died on August 19, 1942, given the discovery of this document and the later date, this is not possible.