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Flossenbürg/Sachsenhausen – Jacket of Felix Pecek

This jacket was worn by Felix Pecek, born on February 10, 1923 and from Golo in Slovakia where he was a farmer.
Felix was deported for being homosexual and he arrived in concentration camp Flossenbürg on October 8, 1943.
After some time there, he was transferred to concentration camp Sachsenhausen
Felix Pecek survived the war.

The jacket is made of recycled wool, which can be recognized by the diversity of colors on the gray stripes.
On the front of the jacket is his camp number with the pink triangle sewn.
Prisoners number: 6359

Official documents show that between 5,000 and 15,000 homosexuals were imprisoned in the concentration camps.
The exact number of deaths is not known, but research conducted after World War II showed that after the Jews, homosexuals were most likely to die in a concentration camp.