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Dordrecht – Dutch star of David

The Dutch Star of David is in worn condition and was produced by the Jewish textile factory N.V. de Nijverheid in Enschede.
This particular star was worn by a citizen from the city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands.
An interesting detail is the reinforcement on the back.

On April 29, 1942, a German verwalltung ordered the Jewish Council to produce 569,355 Stars of David for the Jews in the Netherlands.
These stars were produced and printed on cotton overnight and exactly 4 stars of David per person were available.
The stars will then be purchased for 4 cents each.
According to Henk van Gelderen, the former director of the factory, test rags were made for the production.
Color and which material it was which was looked at to produce the Dutch Star of David.
From 3 May 1942, all Jews aged 6 years and older had to wear the six-pointed Star of David visible on the chest of their clothing.

There were people who did not want to wear the star and they were fined 1000 guilders or from 6 months in a concentration camp, which ultimately meant deportation.