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Concentration camp jacket for political prisoner

This jacket is made of recycled wool, which can be recognized by the diversity of colors on the gray stripes.
On the front of the jacket is his camp number and it has a red triangle insignia with the prisoners number underneath.
Prisoner’s number: 29500
The jacket contains glass buttons on the front which were also used on German Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse jackets.
Underneath the collar is the typical zig-zag stitching which also can be found on German field uniforms.
The armpit is reinforced on the inside with a smooth soft fabric.
It is unfortunately unknown who the wearer of this jacket was since the same prisoner numbers were used multiple times in various concentration camps.
An interesting details are the ’43’ ink markings on the inside of the jacket.
The thickness of the fabric indicates that this is a ‘winter’ model jacket and these were worn in the period between November and April.